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The "Grund" - the village within the city

The "Grund"

The Grund ("Gronn" in Luxembourgish) is one of the oldest parts of the capital once inhabited mainly by craftsmen. Situated in a steep valley on the banks of the Alzette River it has preserved its rural character. No banks, no aluminum-fashioned buildings and (almost) no traffic.

The best way to enter the area is the "Corniche" road, set up by the Spanish in the 17th century as a defense wall, which offers an amazing view over the Alzette valley. For those of you with vertigo, the Grund can also be accessed by an elevator. You can stroll down the narrow streets, check out the variety of local stores or enjoy the cultural offerings. Neumunster Abbey - Neimenster hosts many concerts, exhibitions and public lectures throughout the year and especially during the summer.

The valley is also the starting point of the Wenzel trail that gives a quick insight into the city’s history from the founding of Lucilinburhuc, the first castle built here in the 10th century to the fortress period, all the way to the modern-day city.

The Grund is also the place to enjoy some of Luxembourg’s finest cuisine or simply have a drink.