Nightlife in Esch

Esch-sur-Alzette, the second biggest city of the Grand Duchy, is becoming the centre of university life with Belval Campus opening its doors. The city as well as its neighbourging communes are welcoming a large amount of students, who are offering a new young multicultural international touch to the region.

Students will be able to meet up in the city centre for drinks at the “Mojo” bar or go to the "Kulturfabrik" to see concerts, litterary evenings, theatre performances and conferences. Nearby Belval also awaits anyone for dinner at "Urban", concerts at "Rockhal", or movies at Kinepolis Belval.

Les Rives de Clausen district

The old Mousel brewery in the heart of Clausen, a Luxembourg City district which has experienced a complete revival in recent years. Disused and abandoned halls and workshops partially fell into ruins before being turned into theme restaurants, music bars and discos, offering young people in Luxembourg a new night time destination. The new architecture of the complex has respected the historical character of the site.

Rue de Hollerich district

The Rue de Hollerich district was developed around the first trendy bar, "the Marx", which set up there at the beginning of the 1990s. Subsequently, many other bars opened next to the Marx Bar, attracting many nightlifers to Hollerich. These bars however, have not experienced the same stability as the Marx and have often changed their names and managers. The concept of the Marx Bar has remained virtually unchanged since its inauguration– an attractive multicultural bar for a mixed clientele aged 25 to 55.

Another landmark of this district is the Den Atelier concert hall, built like the Marx Bar inside a company’s old, abandoned workshops. Den Atelier has earned a reputation beyond the borders of Luxembourg for hosting live concerts. The room can hold up to 800 people. Jimmy Sommerville was the first international artist to give a concert at Den Atelier on 1 November 1995.