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Sports & Fitness

Bambësch (Luxembourg)

Bambësch is a large recreation spot located in a forest northwest of the city of Luxembourg where you will find circular race tracks, fitness trails, tennis courts, a bar and restaurant as well as a children's playground.

Badanstalt (City baths - Luxembourg)

The Badanstalt are the former municipal baths of the city of Luxembourg. Today, they are equipped with a large indoor swimming pool, a fitness room and a sauna, plus a restaurant.

The elegant premises are easily accessible using public transportation.

D'Coque - National culture and sports centre (Plateau du Kirchberg, Luxembourg ville)

Named after its shell shape, D'Coque is a large sports center located in a modern district in the east of Luxembourg City, on Plateau du Kirchberg, that can be easily accessed by bus.
D'Coque has an arena that can accommodate all sports, an Olympic swimming pool, a wellness center, a bar and a restaurant.
Its halls can also be converted into concert halls for various shows.

Pidal (Walferdange)

Pidal is a large aquatic centre for recreation and relaxation offering in the northern suburb of Luxembourg indoor and outdoor pools, a solarium, a sauna, a gym room as well as a bar and restaurant.

Les Bains du Parc Esch (Parc Esch baths)

The baths of the city of Esch/Alzette are the former municipal baths of the city. They were renovated in 2003 to offer a pool, a wellness center and sports facilities. The premises are easily accessible using public transport.

Aquatic Centre Krounebierg (Mersch)

Krounebierg is a big aquatic center located in Mersch. Recreation and relaxation are on offer with indoor and outdoor pools, outdoor water games, a solarium, a sauna, and a fitness centre, plus a bar and restaurant.

Nordpool (Colmar-Berg)

Nordpool, located in the north of the country, offers a water park and a fittness area.

Syrdallschwemm (Niederanven)

The Syrdallschwemm water park located in Niederanven offers various facilities including a pool, a wellness center, a separate sauna and waterslide, and courses for swimmers and aqua gym classes.

Les Thermes (Strassen-Bertrange)

Les Thermes are located in the western suburbs of Luxembourg City, in Strassen-Bertrange. The large water park and relaxation centre has indoor and outdoor pools as well as a wave pool, a solarium, a sauna, a fitness area, plus a bar and a restaurant.

Domaine Thermal (Mondorf-les-Bains)

The Domaine Thermal, in Mondorf-les-Bains in the south-east of Luxembourg near the French border, gathers the most ancient baths of Luxembourg.

The origin of the Mondorfer source dates back to 1847 when the salt water spring water was first used for spa purposes. Since then, the whole community has grown to offer hotels, medical centres, restaurants and shops for spa guests. In 1979, the government decided to fully renovate the spas which are now offering all modern facilities including sauna, spa and fitness center.

It is attended by Luxembourgers and border residents alike.